Edizione 2017

Saltimbanchi alla Romana began in 1999 as a group of jugglers within two Roman squats, La Scola and La Torre. From the beginning, we started organizing shows, cabarets and workshops, and in 2000, the first Roman Juggling Convention came to life at CSA La Torre. After some years, the Convention becomes a completely self-managed and self-financed biennial event.

The spirit that inspires the convention is to create an event organized by jugglers for jugglers, that combines the quality of the shows and the convention, and prices affordable to anyone.

During these years the path followed by the Roman Convention has contributed to the creation of  the  “Corpi Pazzi (Crazy Bodies) Community Center Gym” which organizes courses and has become an open space for juggling during the whole year.

This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Saltimbanchi alla Romana and, as a present, we have offered to finance, through the convention, the construction of the locker rooms and toilets of the gym.

As every year, during the convention, we will organize, together with La Torre, a juggling show for the female prisoners of Rebibbia Prison and a juggling parade finishing at the walls of the prison in order to remind us that we are against any deprival of personal freedom.